step right up, come on in... 

I hope you sang that in your best George Jones voice, because I did.

Welcome to my little portion of the world, I am so glad you stopped by. Grab your coffee and let's chill for a minute. 

As a self-care coach, I provide the honesty, accountability and inspiration you need to take charge of your life and love yourself. I help you discover and explore your own awareness about what you need to feel energized and alive so you can live out the life of your dreams—healthy, happy and in control.

So what the heck is self-care anyway? 

Before I dove headfirst into wanting to inspire women to chase a life filled with self-care, I made dang sure I knew what I was talking about. I spoke to many women and discussed the meaning of self-care. And guess what... every answer was different. This solidified my notion, and slapped that pony on the butt to head out and change the world, one courageous woman at a time! 

And what does this have to do with you?

Well just like all of the women I spoke with, you don't know where to start. Sure you know that self-care means getting a pedicure and maybe a massage every once in a while... but it is SO. MUCH. MORE! 

While a portion of self-care does involve pampering, it is also about learning what YOU NEED. It is about understanding how YOU FEEL. It is about taking care of yourself so you can give everything else to the people you love around you (because hello.... that's what we do as women!). 

Sometimes we just need PERMISSION. 

I know you have a ton of things going on right now. You are overwhelmed and feel like you can't possibly take on one more thing. The stress and anxiety is starting to sink in and you are EXHAUSTED. STOP! I am giving you permission to STOP! Sit back, kick your boots (or slippers) up and RELAX. Just for a minute, take in a deep breathe and picture your life after me. You will feel more in control. You will manage the stresses of your busy life, and be able to manage your time to fit things in like exercise and meal prep. Leading you to your magical destination of self-care that feels and looks like everything you have ever dreamed of. 

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This radical devotion to self-care includes holistic, whole-hearted support in three major areas.


Physical: Movement keeps you feeling good, in your mind and in your body. Let’s uncover what works for you and how you can fit movement into your day in ways that work. (Don’t believe it’s possible? I can prove that it is).


Mental: The key to success is working on the things that are holding you back from a healthy life. It’s about accepting what we can’t change and feeling empowered to change what we can. 


Nutrition: Food is fuel. We often feed our kids (and even our animals!) healthier foods than we feed ourselves—but in order to be our best selves, we need to strengthen our relationship with food.

It’s time to shine.

My biggest goal is to take each of my clients to a place where she doesn’t need me anymore, because she has daily habits in place that keep her happy, healthy and feeling fully alive.

Here’s how I can help you get there:

  • One-on-One Self-Care Coaching - Your personalized map to navigate the trails of your self-care journey. 

  • Group Self-Care Coaching - You will be initiated into a tribe of amazing and powerful women as we work together to forge a bridge between regular everyday women and women who put their self-care first in order to conquer the world.

  • Wellness Products - Everything you need to fill your packs and begin your journey to everlasting self-care. 

  • Schedule your 45 min self-care intensive - A personal call to fit you with the right tools as you begin your self-care exploration. 
  • Virtual Tribe - Join the rest of my courageous tribe for our monthly self-care challenge.  Or catch me live every other Tuesday offering self-care tips and tricks on my Fringe and Fitness page. 

  • Take the self-care love language quiz - Discover your unique love language and make a commitment to your self-care journey. 

  • Invite the news into your inbox - This ain't no pony express. You don't want to miss a thing. Catch updates and special sales by joining the list and getting a FREE self-care checklist.

  • Let's Collaborate! - I think you are pretty cool. And if you feel the same about me, let's chat. 
  • Book me as a podcast guest - I would love to share with your tribes too, I mean I have the sugar and you have flour... so let's bake a cake! 

  • Get featured on my blog - I love sharing with my tribe, so if you have some awesome information you would like to share, let me know and well consider setting you up with a guest blog opportunity. 

Brittia is a rock star and she can help you be one too! The encouragement and support she offers is incredible, and the example she sets is motivating to say the least. She personalized her accountability efforts to meet my needs and always made sure I could connect with other women facing the same challenges. You don’t have to work out alone, with Brittia’s group, you have a community of women all working out together!
— Suzanne Cox - Wife in the Country

Suzanne Cox 

Wife In The Country