Hello New Friends

Brittia is a wife, boy mom, sonographer, cowgirl, health and wellness advocate, and the Founder and Chief Health Officer of Fringe & Fitness. Born and raised in Southern California, Brittia moved to Texas in 2005 to pursue her higher education and nurture her country roots. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Baylor University (Sic ‘Em Bears!) in 2010 and her ARDMS in 2012. Along the way, Brittia met her husband—a Texas A&M Aggie—and the two fell in love, college allegiances aside, and wed in 2014. In 2015, Brittia and Jason welcomed their first son, Conway. The trio resides on 20 acres in Hallettsville, Texas, alongside three horses, two dogs, two cats, multiple chickens and are growing their cattle herd. You can often catch glimpses of Brittia’s toddler and critters in the background (and sometimes foreground) of her workout videos, which she shares regularly on social media. 

What is Fringe and Fitness?

Brittia founded Fringe & Fitness—an online health and wellness community—in January 2016, ten months after giving birth to her son. The impetus behind the community, however, was born a short time before, during the final months of her pregnancy and her first few weeks postpartum. Having started to believe the lies of others that her body could “never be the same” after childbirth, Brittia set out to prove herself (and her haters) wrong. In the process, she not only re-discovered her six-pack abs in as many months—which she thought had gone the way of sleep-filled nights and hot coffee (#momlife)—but she discovered a passion for helping women learn to love, value, and respect their bodies and their minds. Combined with her background in Health Sciences, as well as her entrepreneurial spirit, the creation of Fringe & Fitness was a natural step towards fulfilling what Brittia deeply believes is her life’s calling to serve and lift up others. Using Fringe & Fringe as her platform, Brittia seeks to empower women to break free of society's stigmas and learn to cherish what their mamas (and their papas) gave them.