I have distilled the BEST of what I've learned about the brain + body to provide a supportive space for YOU to create the best life!

When YOUR mind and body beat to the same drum, you’ll find the rhythm that moves your soul.

It’s not enough to just eat healthy food everyday.



When it comes to eating well...

  • You are not sure what foods to eat
  • You are ALWAYS on the go
  • The food is so expensive
  • There are not enough hours in the day

It’s not enough to just workout 3 hours a day, (or not at all).  



the big "fitness" word!

  • You have tried the gym
  • You have tried at home workouts
  • You just don't have the time
  • You cannot seem to stay motivated

If your mind is still telling you those awful lies. 



What you are hearing...

  • You are not good enough
  • You will never be the size you’d like
  • This is too hard
  • This isn’t worth it

You’ll continue down the same lonely road, with the same lack of results... insert total frustration! 

The tribe provides opportunities to identify current life situations that may be causing or contributing to your lack of results. Within your tribe we will identify current patterns of thinking or distorted perceptions that lead to your frustration with not staying motivated. 

Together we will identify and eradicate the enemy that is LACK. You'll learn and utilize new tools to support you as you experience life like never before. 

There’s seriously nothing better than being surrounded by awesome people who unequivocally understand, accept, and love you, exactly as you are.

Feeling like you don’t really fit in anywhere — like you don’t have a tribe of people who really get you and support you — well frankly, it’s awful. You can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely. You may start to wonder if you’re the weird one (you’re not), or if it’s really even possible to have such a strong, intimate group of friends now that you’re an adult (it is), and this is the place you will find those people... YOUR PEOPLE. 

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Know your triggers. 

At 7 years old I had my first seizure while reciting a bible verse in my 2nd grade class. From there it all began, the Dr. visits (with no answers), the worry (when will the next one happen?) the embarrassment (what do the other kids think of me?). So I took my health into my own hands and started to notice my "triggers".




It was completely up to me to know and understand what my body was telling me, because it is MY BODY. A lot of times our body will signal things to us, but if we are "too busy" to listen, health hazards will go unnoticed and untreated for far too long.

Maybe you suffer from: 

- unexplained infertility
- unexplained vertigo (many of my friends)
- unexplained psoriasis
- unexplained fibromyalgia
- unexplained migraines
- unexplained rheumatoid arthritis

While I cannot guarantee any "fix", this program will help you become more in tune with your body. You will learn to acknowledge your triggers and accept them. You will discover new ways to adapt and move through these challenges. 

What one Warrior had to say about joining the tribe...

I tried acupuncture, prescription medications, hypnotism, chinese herbs, and so much more...
Nothing worked.
I had to take my life into my own hands and finally get in time with what was going on. Not stuffing my closet with clothes I don’t need (retail therapy) and my face with chocolate (sugar therapy) or wine (alcohol therapy) but to feel the feelings and MOVE through them.
— One very busy entrepreneur mom

A little perspective...

For the first TEN people who sign up, this is a $47 a month investment- that's only $564 for the entire year! After that, it will double, but it's still a total bargain compared to what you could be spending on mundane weight loss solutions. 

Americans spend between 40 and 50 billion dollars annually on weight loss. Many studies suggest that between 60% and 90% of that is wasted on ineffective dieting where the weight comes back within 1-2 years.

The average cost of a gym membership in the United States is $55 / month. The part that gets appalling is that 60% or more of gym members never use their membership. Americans spend upwards of 30 billion a year on athletic apparel alone. Add the cost of new workout shoes, 1-2 changes of workout clothes, gym bag, water bottle, etc to the cost of that January gym membership and once again you are dropping $200 or more on a product that they won't use for more than a month.

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Who will lead this Village? 

2P0A5296e (1).jpg

Hey y'all I'm Brittia, wife, mom, free-spirited cowgirl, wild-hearted health & wellness advocate, ultrasound technologist and your self-care tour guide.

--> I've had a lifelong obsession with the human body/brain and how they work... check my childhood, 7 years of college studies and current career.

--> Now, working in hospitals and raising a family on a 20 acre ranch in Texas, this Cali Girl is bringing all of my years of brain and body work to the online space.

--> As founder of Fringe and Fitness I know it’s important to be strong physically and make time to nourish and move our bodies no matter what (have you seen my time lapse workouts with my toddler and dogs running around). The REAL secret is to get your brain on board.

--> I was a serial workout quitter! If it doesn’t work for me, I leave it behind. But I keep trying new things until I find the best for my body at the stage where I’m at.

--> Out of all of this mind and body work the Warrior Wellness Tribe was born. An exclusive group of women who are looking for a space to marry Movement, Meals and Mindset in a whole new way.


I couldn’t find what I was looking for ... so I created The Warrior Wellness Tribe. And I am inviting YOU to join. 

whats included (1).png
whats included (2).png
whats included (3).png

Only accepting 20 women at this time!

special founders price for FIRST 10 MEMBERS TO JOIN. 

What to expect...

  1. A war wall- Celebration of baby steps and milestones
  2. Live calls- One hour coaching call with me, one hour of village snaps and review
  3. Guest expert- A live video training and a separate Q & A session
  4. Weekly emails- Reminders to TAKE ACTION. 
  5. Tribal leaders- Step up and take control, bonuses included for those who apply. 
  6. Journals- See below... the meat and potatoes! 

You may be asked to keep a journal as part of THe Warrior Wellness Tribe.

The journal provides a place for you to record life events and your reactions. I can help you break down reactions and thought patterns into several categories of self-defeating thought. These include:

  • all-or-nothing thinking: viewing the world in absolute, black-and-white terms (I didn't lose 10 pounds this week so why try) 
  • disqualifying the positive: rejecting positive experiences by insisting they “don’t count” for some reason (When you look really hot in that dress, but wont let yourself feel good)
  • automatic negative reactions: having habitual, scolding thoughts (think about the things you tell yourself)
  • magnifying or minimizing the importance of an event: making a bigger deal about a specific event or moment (when you ate that whole pizza)
  • overgeneralization: drawing overly broad conclusions from a single event (I am not strong enough, i'll never be able to do that)
  • mental filter: picking out a single negative detail and dwelling on it exclusively so that the vision of reality becomes darkened (when you feel a little extra fluffy in that tight shirt) 

But we cover more than mindset...

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whats included (9).png
whats included (10).png


  1. A 60-minute 1:1 call with me to get you started on your journey 
  2. 30 days FREE with Irena Miller Yoga
  3. Special welcome packet for the first TEN FOUNDING MEMBERS
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 A year long commitment to yourself where you will unify body and mind to advance your health more than ever before. 

Why a whole year? 

On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.

So why is this good news for you? 

This is why you should treat failure like a scientist, give yourself permission to make mistakes, and we will continue to develop strategies for getting back on track quickly.

Embracing longer timelines can help us realize that habits are a process and not an event. You have to embrace the process. You have to commit to the system.

Whether it takes 50 days or 500 days, you have to put in the work either way.

The only way to get to Day 500 is to start with Day 1. 

Lets break this down... Were talking less than $3 a day to massively transform your health from the inside out. 



You will learn to love and accept YOURSELF. The body you were given is so special and sacred. Acceptance and carrying the years of guilt you have placed on your back will no longer be invited to move forward with you.


Your newfound sparkle will follow you everywhere you go. You will feel more in control and able to roar louder than you ever have before. You will now be heard and seen like the lightning and thunder.



The backing of your tribe members will be palpable. You will feel the loyalty, encouragement, protection, and relief from the other women of your tribe. Those days when you feel secluded and alone, you will soar on the wings of your sisters. 


You will notice your body and you mind doing things you never thought possible. You will push yourself to new levels and be pushed and encouraged by the tribe around you. You'll be doing those push up's you never thought you could do, you'll notice things about yourself you never knew were hidden within you. You will finally see the results (both physical and mental) that you have been longing for. 

The power of women gathering is immeasurable. 

IT TAKES A VILLAGE to get results!

It's time to find something sustainable. 

The cure is working HARD on the mental side of things to break free of all those ingrained ideas from over the years, as well as the negative thoughts that tie your worth to your weight and your looks. 


Through my framework of making daily conscious and consistent tradeoffs you'll create a new awareness and acceptance. 

Actively thinking about these trade-offs and making consistent choices are the hallmarks of self-awareness and integrity.

We will have two monthly live calls you will be expected to participate in, (don’t worry if you can’t make it live, we are all busy and they will be recorded). The first live zoom will be a coaching session where you will leave feeling inspired with a wealth of knowledge and truth. The second call each month will be that sacred space for your release. Where you will share your goals, your fears, your heart, your demons, and your strengths with YOUR TRIBE, and we are all there to lift you up as you hold the magical Warrior Wellness Tribe Spirit Stick. 

This is not a big scary thing. Every day you wake up and brush your teeth and your hair, this too will become part of your daily routine.

What it IS! 

  • A sacred container for your deepest thoughts and feelings. 
  • A place you will come for daily inspiration and motivation.
  • Where you're also responsible for not only showing up for yourself, but also for your sisters and tribe members.
  • You will be pushed mentally to be your best self through daily posts encouraging you to grasp those feelings we push aside. 
  • LONG TERM CHANGES in your health and mindset (hence the 12 month commitment!).

What this program is not...

  • Another Facebook group overloading you with notifications.
  • Something you blow off when you're too busy. 
  • A negative place for blowing off steam. 
  • A pointless black hole of scrolling. 
  • More repetitive Facebook prompts. 
  • A course you sign up for and forget about. 
  • A simple monthly challenge group. 
  • Another grasp at change that leads to failure.


Imagine a place to be nurtured, cared for, challenged and rewarded like never before.

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whether we are dancing, laughing, crying or sweating we will be CELEBRATING every step we take together toward FINALLY feeling Fantastic from the inside out.

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What my clients are saying.

I find that working on managing other parts of my life, makes it so I don’t have this narrow focus just on weight loss, which was stressing me out. I am eating better because I don’t feel as stressed.
— Kristy

I felt that my self-care was lacking and I was continuously pouring (for my family and friends) from an almost empty cup. I needed to set up some boundaries for myself as I journeyed into this new part of my life.
— Alesia
I always put others needs before mine and I got the “leftovers”. I struggled with thinking I was worth my time.
— Deann

It was very hard for me to put myself first. To tell others “no”, or “wait” and put my needs first. It felt selfish for me to do what I needed first. I also didn’t feel like I had it in me to get my workouts done daily, to change the things I knew needed to change in my life, such as getting out of bed earlier!!!
— Suzanne
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I get it. You want a quick fix, instant results.

It’s scary starting something new, it’s scary feeling like you’re starting a losing battle. It’s scary when you feel like you’re headed up a mountain and you never know when it’s going to crash.

But listen,  you’ve tried all that before.

You’ve bought the exercise equipment, you’ve spent tons of money on the latest supplements, you have tried every “diet” out there and the results are STILL THE SAME. It lasts for a little while and then BOOM, Life happens and you're RIGHT BACK WHERE YOU STARTED!

No more quick fixes, no more starting and stopping… this is IT. This is the real deal.

A one year commitment to yourself, making a conscious and consistent decision to show up for yourself so you CAN show up for your friends and family. 


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(Should Ask Questions)

What does it cost?

The commitment is $97/month or $997 when paid in full for the year. You will receive a $167 discount when you pay in full. --> Don't forget about the founding member price for the first 10 members to join... hurry! 

How much time should I expect to commit to this each week?

That’s totally up to you. With prompts to encourage emotional and physical fitness, a secret Facebook group community with other like-minded women and lots of accountability and fun, you may discover banishing stress and living fully is something you want to spend more and more time investing in. I strongly encourage at least 15 minutes a day checking in with your tribe. 

What if I don’t want to lose weight?

This is for every BODY that wants to feel FANTASTIC from the inside out! For some that will mean more personal development, reading, and nurturing the unfulfilled shameful self from our “before” the Warrior Wellness Tribe. For some it will simply mean taking a shower and then finding their glamorous self in the mirror... loving the woman you see looking back at you.  

Do I have to BUY special food or shakes?

Heck to the NO. That is one of my pet peeves about other “programs” the ENTIRE thing was created around selling more of their pre-packaged space food. NOT HERE. Everyone fuels their body differently and while there are no requirements to purchase special foods or shakes you are encouraged to find what works for you. I will however provide you with options and guidance for you to make proper nutrition an important part of your day. 

What if I just had gastric bypass surgery?

This is a perfect part of the journey to where you are GOING. Women who have had major health challenges and surgeries will find a home in the Tribe because this is about SO MUCH MORE than your dress size. The INNER work is absolutely life-changing.

What if I am recovering from long-term illness, will I be able to keep up?

You bet. Being a member of the Tribe is so special and unlike ANYTHING else I have seen out there. This is a custom designed journey for YOU. I have more health certifications than I can count and I could never find what I was looking for, so I created this from scratch. The road to wellness from the inside out starts with a village that understands and can support you.

What types of exercises will we be expected to do?

There will be all types of new and incredible ways presented to work your mind and body throughout our year together. This journey isn’t about the newest exercise it’s about FINALLY being in tune with your own inner rhythm and dancing to her drum beat. We will explore many different types of exercise and you will find what works best for you in each phase of your life. 

Book your 20 minute call to see if The Warrior WEllness Tribe is for you. Schedule now while I am still accepting applicants.