The warrior wellness tribe

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As a full-time working mom with a toddler, a ranch and a growing belly to boot (baby girl due in April)! There was always something “off” for me with all of the “DIETS” out there. I didn’t have the time or money to be throwing away on another shake or ab roller that was going to collect dust in the corner.

This is my OWN creation. I was a severe exercise quitter. I would start and quit before my body would even know what was happening. I WAS GETTING NOWHERE. It wasn’t until I started working on moving my MIND as well that it all started coming together for me and I was FINALLY able to get myself healthy and STAY healthy. Then I started working with clients doing the same. After so many of my time-lapsed videos nearly going viral I realized there were other women out there just like me. They were busy, hungry and needed something that would work even when you got called in and had to work extra hours and your kids get sick and the dog eats your husbands work shoelaces and has to get rushed to the vet…


Even when you feel so tired and beat down it used to feel impossible to move your body and your mind…

Even when your pantry is full of #allthesnacks…

Even when your fridge is staring you in the face and full of junk your husband cant get enough of...

Even when you don’t feel like things will EVER change…

I am making a commitment to you and all I ask in return is that you make one to YOURSELF

This VILLAGE I’ve created is something special. I have never seen anything like it anywhere and I cannot wait to start it with you and the other chosen women.

The next step is to book a call with me to evaluate if your needs match what I’ve created in the Warrior Wellness Tribe©

This will NOT BE for everyone and honestly, you don’t want it to be for “everyone” either.

Book the call while I am still accepting applicants.

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This is a year long journey that we take together.

Why a year? Because true transformation takes time. I didn’t gain the weight and create these habits in 6 weeks or 90 days and I will not expect them to be fixed in that short time either.



Inside of our secret Facebook group tribe members will find everything from encouragement, wins, workouts and water check-ins: all in line with our 3 pillars Movement, Meals and Mindset.


Friendly reminders to check-in and connect #notribeswomanleftbehind.

Live calls every other week in our own sacred space where you will get to connect to the other women and share both struggles and victories. 


Each month will have a theme and something new and exciting to look forward to. 

such as: 


LIVE group calls every other week to expand and shift how we look at our movement, the foods we eat, and the habits that aren’t serving us anymore.

Special Guests will be joining the Tribe like yoga, nutrition and life coach experts.

As we walk together through this path to a new, healthier body and mind we will journal, try new things we never have and shed the OLD pieces of ourselves that no longer serve us so that we can show up as the wife, mother, sister, daughter, neighbor and friend that we were meant to be.

This is SO different than just weigh-ins or calorie counting.

This is the OPPOSITE of “short term starvation” for that ONE perfect picture.

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The TRUTH is this Tribe will change more than your pants size.


The TRUTH is this Tribe will reveal to you the ancient wisdom your body has ALWAYS known.

Being your TRUEST and BEST self and feeling great from the inside out and honoring our beauty. This beauty cannot come from a bottle with some secret formula. This is as unique to you as your own fingerprints.

This Tribe will uncover, recover and restore the YOU that always dwelled within.

How we think affects what we do and what we do affects how we think...the problem, when we live off balance and let others image of perfection take residence in our heart we become unbalanced.

Within this village we thrive on community, sisterhood and accountability. We want to go walking with our girlfriends, we want somebody to show up with us and go on this journey with us. 

This village is a core group of people who work, live and support one another.

Book the call while I am still accepting applicants.

My only goal for you... 



Is it the ability to walk the dog without having to stop and catch your breath?

Is it to recover from illness, abuse, emotional and physical scars, even from our childhood can be why, even a Sports Illustrated Cover Model doesn’t feel HAPPY.

This is NOT a practice life.

This is it. Live it up.


Imagine a Tribe of women, like you, yet unique and incredible with their own stories that are driven to help each other.

Imagine a Tribe filled with encouragement, exciting challenges that stretch our mind and body in new ways.

Imagine a Tribe where crying is allowed and laughing is heard regularly because the shackles we place on ourselves finally fall away.

Imagine this sense of belonging you will get as you join The Warrior Wellness Tribe©.

There will ONLY EVER be 100 spots available in the village. 

Right now i am only accepting 20 applicants.

The commitment is not for someone who wants a quick fix to a vanity problem.

This is for true transformation and revelation.

I can’t wait to begin.

I have been creating this Tribe in my heart for years. My clients always tell me they finally feel free. They finally feel like the world is theirs for the taking. No more shame, no more believing we have to be a certain way to be the perfect YOU.

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My name is Brittia Kubeczka and I am a Wellness Warrior. I created this Tribe just for women like us. Book a call with me and let’s talk about if you would be a good candidate for the tribe.


Book the call while I am still accepting applicants.


What does it cost?

The commitment is $100/month or $1000 when paid in full for the year. You will receive a $200 discount when you pay in full.

How much time should I expect to commit to this each week?

That’s totally up to each individual. With prompts to encourage emotional and physical fitness, a secret Facebook group community with other like-minded women and lots of accountability and fun, you may discover banishing stress and living fully is something you want to spend more and more time investing in. I strongly encourage at least 15 minutes a day checking in with your tribe. 

What if I don’t want to lose weight?

This is for every BODY that wants to feel FANTASTIC from the inside out! For some that will mean more personal development, reading, and nurturing the unfulfilled shameful self from our “before” the Warrior Wellness Tribe©. For some it will simply mean taking a shower and finding their glamorous self in the mirror. 

Do I have to BUY special food or shakes?

Heck to the NO. That is one of my pet peeves about other “programs”, the ENTIRE thing was created around selling more of their pre-packaged space food. NOT HERE. Everyone fuels their body differently and while there are no requirements to purchase special foods or shakes you are encouraged to find what works for you. 

What if I just had gastric bypass surgery?

This is a perfect part of the journey to where you are GOING. Women who have had major health challenges and surgeries will find a home in the Tribe because this is about SO MUCH MORE than your dress size. The INNER work is absolutely life-changing.

What if I am recovering from long-term illness, will I be able to keep up?

You bet. Being a member of the Tribe is so special and unlike ANYTHING else I have seen out there. This is a custom designed journey for YOU. I have more health certifications than I can count and I could never find what I was looking for, so I created this from scratch. The road to wellness from the inside out starts with a village that understands and can support you.

What types of exercises will we be expected to do?

There will be all types of new and incredible ways presented to work your mind and body throughout our year together. This journey isn’t about the newest exercise it’s about FINALLY being in tune with your own inner rhythm and dancing to her drum beat.

Book the call while I am still accepting applicants.