Are you ready to kick the guilt around your self-care?


Welcome to Fringe and Fitness where you are free to let your mom bun down and chill out. If you are here looking for permission to ramp up your self-care routine… PERMISSION IS GRANTED.


I am Brittia and I am going to be your self-care tour guide.


Sometimes our path to finding what self-care really means can be a bit windy and sometimes dusty and camouflaged by prickly cacti. But I want you to know I am here to drag your pony down that dusty trail into your beautiful, powerful and lavish self-care paradise.

 You will find a ton of inspiration and guidance here

On my blog, lots of support and accountability in my Facebook community, wellness products to keep you motivated and get you prepared to take on the world, and guidance to get you pointed in the right direction if you are ready to tackle your self-care head on with my self-care coaching programs.  Plus, you can’t forget about my super awesome self-care love language quiz to identify what you need to feel nurtured and cared for to become a total game changer and difference maker.

 Wait, did I mention how stoked I am that you are here?

I am not sure how you found me, but somehow the stars aligned, the unicorns sang and the rainbows led you here to your pot of gold. Okay, Okay, maybe it wasn’t magic. Maybe you found me on Facebook, or simply stumbled here trying to figure out if this was the place for you, or maybe someone sent you here to check it out (in that case, thank your friend for me!).

Maybe you are feeling like you need more self-care in your life. And if you are feeling…

  • Insecure in your own body and lack confidence.

  • Exhausted from always running and caring for all the things all the time.

  • Like you just can't keep up, and constantly stressed.

  • Stressed leading to anxiety, depression and drowning your feelings in a tub of Blue Bell ice cream.

  • Like there is NO TIME for you to even think about self-care.

  • The thought of self-care seems selfish and you feel guilty taking time away from your family, friends and everything else that needs you.

Have no fear, you have come to the right place. Because here is what I know. YOU ARE ENOUGH. You DESERVE to feel…

  • EXCITED about your day and what is to come.

  • POWERFUL and strong to take on anything motherhood and life throw at you (and we all know sometimes that ain't pretty!)

  • PROUD of the body you were given and live in.

  • SEXY, wanted and adequate for your partner.

  • RELAXED, because everyone knows… when mama ain't happy, nobody's happy!

 So saddle up, baby because you are about to embark on one HECK of a ride!