What do you need to feel really, truly alive? 

The answer is different for every mom I talk to, but it all comes down to one thing: self-care.

Look at your to-do list. Do you see anything there that even resembles self-care? 

Yeah, I didn't think so. 

You’re hardworking and driven in everything that you do. You dedicate your life to being an amazing mom and to being your family’s biggest supporter. But somewhere along the way, you’ve stopped supporting yourself.

You’re stressed and anxious about your health, but you just can’t find the energy and motivation to do something about it. (And that frustrates you, because you are a big dreamin’, bright and sparkly woman with a whole heck of a lot of potential).

You want to feel sexy and at ease in your body. You desperately want to love yourself, but you don’t know how.

You’ve tried before, but you’ve gotten off track (hellooooo, emotional eating and all those “too busy” excuses). You are exhausted, discouraged and just so sick of starting over. 

 I know you, because I have been there.   

All my life I have been active (meaning cleaning horse stalls and hurling a fifty pound bucket of shit into a three foot tall trash dumpster), but I have also been a serial exercise quitter. I was never very athletic, as in playing sports, but I can dang sure hold onto the back of a speeding horse!

Throughout high school and college, I would get on a kick, start working out, only for it to last a few weeks and then... QUIT. It is so easy to let everything else you have to do get in the way of making yourself a priority. Yet, this is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family.  

I really had no idea how strenuous having a child would be, but as soon as my son was born I found out very quickly. The sleepless nights, the feeling of being all alone at 3 AM, the exhaustion, the love, the discovering your new body that just provided life, and the confusion of how I would make this all work. Somehow us women just figure it out! I had to go back to work when my son was only 6 weeks old, and I knew if I was going to make it at this thing called motherhood... I desperately needed a plan. I knew that going back to work full time, figuring how how to be a wife AND a mom would be taxing.  I also knew I had to focus on ME, and make loving myself a priority. Otherwise, I was destined to head down a road that was extremely dark and lonely.

So when I made myself a priority and got amazing results (more energy, more fulfillment with life, less emotional eating, etc.) I had to share it with the world.  I’ve worked with dozens of moms just like you. And I’m here to give you PERMISSION to put yourself first and help you kick the guilt around self-care.

I find that working on managing other parts of my life, makes it so I don’t have this narrow focus just on weight loss, which was stressing me out. I am eating better because I don’t feel as stressed.
— Kristy Grieve (Country Mom Strong)

Kristy is a Country mom and helping others learn the Western way of life and thrive. She is the creator of Country Mom Strong and working on something epic for the world to enjoy. 


My self-care group coaching program was built to touch on eight specific areas of self-care in order to relieve and manage stress, ultimately guiding you to your relaxation destination. 

In eight weeks, we will slowly work through all of the nasty distractions, setbacks, mindset speed bumps and start cultivating your personalized route to tackle the physical and nutritional stones in your path. 

When you finish this program you will come out with a whole new perspective. You will feel in control of your feelings and emotions as well as having the necessary tools to battle future feelings of inadequacy or insecurity.  You will have a new energy and be excited about your days and your confidence will show through your eyes and into the world.  You will have a strong and powerful connection with yourself and your feelings, being able to understand and comprehend what you need and how you feel, giving you an overwhelming sense of pride and relaxation. 

The next round will begin on September 11th and last for eight weeks. 

What will I Get? 

  • A workbook to capture your thoughts, feelings and the magical place you will be at the finish line. 

  • A virtual Zoom chat every other week to discuss the previous week and your current status (two live chats every month).  

  • Access to me through email, messenger, text or Voxer. 

  • All of the support and accountability you could ever dream of as you navigate this dusty trail to self-care.

  • Lifetime access to the private alumni group for follow up support and accountability. 

A sample of the workbook. 


Your very own set of Love, Me Affirmation cards $25.00 value 

An amazing book on mindset (you'll have to wait to see which one!)- $10.00 value

 Some SUPER AWESOME guest speakers- $300.00+ value 

A beautifully printed workbook- $priceless


A very special surprise on week seven that is sure to tickle your fancy... you won't want to miss this - $50.00 value 

Imagine us, just hanging out cruizin' down an old trail, the wind in your hair and the most magical feeling in the world, like you are on top of the world. That's what it's going to feel like when you invest in spending 56 days with my friends and I on this glorious journey. 

But don't wait! There is only room for 10 women on this trail ride... And we'll be saddlin' up real soon. 

The pdf worksheets helped me see for myself where I was lacking and what I needed to change in my life. It was more than just someone telling me what I needed to change.
— Alesia Galati (A Bottle of Sanity)

Alesia is an emotional wellness advisor and blogger at A Bottle of Sanity. A Bottle of Sanity is a space in which working moms may find easy recipes, parenting tips, and sanity.

This is what Suzanne Cox had to say after week four of this program. 

I love all the info you share and it makes me stop and consider some of these things which is very important and helpful. By making myself go through the posts and answer the questions, I am forced to step back and get a perspective on how I am feeling, what is causing me to feel or react a certain way, and what I might be able to do to improve it.  

I know you have your hands full. I know you are busy chasing your kids and doing #allthethings. Between toddler life, sports games, dinner and what, you have a husband too? Feeling like adding one more thing to your list might even make you want to run for the wine bottle.

But, before we have celebratory wine cheers, I want you to think about the last time you did something for YOU! I'm not asking the last time you snuck in a shower, or even colored your hat covered hair. I am talking about letting the world around you STOP, and really focus on YOU.

Of course the world around you will NOT stop, but there are ways I will help you make this easier. 

Guess what??? I also have a wild child I am constantly chasing, I work at a hospital and am on-call seven days at a time AND I too have to feed my family, a small calf, and many other 4 legged creatures, yet making time for my self-care is essential to our family life and my health.  

So make yourself a non negotiable. 

set your wild heart free! 

$350 gets you started on your courageous journey. 

Far above and beyond my expectations!!! I don’t know how Brittia does it, but she responds to comments/questions/messages almost instantly all day every day. She is super woman!! The content she shared was phenomenal as well and I learned so so SO much.
I felt like the program was so thorough! It had way more information than I expected.
— Suzanne Cox (Wife in the Country)

Suzanne is a country wife and blogger at Wife in the Country where she shares excerpts of her country life, including topics such as gardening, preserving, cooking, exploring nature, and homemade projects.  She is also an exceptional violin coach. 

I am talking to YOU, the courageous and adventurous mama who is always on the run, never stopping long enough to take a breathe for herself. You are bright, bold and you stand out in a crowd with your sparkly personality.  But you are hiding the exhaustion and wear on your body. Let it go girl. You deserve this! 

Howdy, if you don't know me yet, I am Brittia.  I am a wife, boy mom, sonographer, cowgirl, health and wellness advocate, and the Founder and Head Self-Care Tour Guide at Fringe & Fitness. Born and raised in Southern California, I moved to Texas in 2005 to pursue the sport of rodeo and nurture my country roots as part of a college rodeo team in west Texas. A few years later I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, from Baylor University (Sic ‘Em Bears!) and became a registered ARDMS Ultrasound Technologist in 2012. Along the way, I met my husband—a Texas A&M Aggie—and we fell in love, college allegiances aside, and wed in 2014. In 2015, we welcomed our first son, Conway. We now resides on 20 acres in Hallettsville, Texas, alongside three horses, two dogs, two cats, multiple chickens and we are currently growing our cattle herd. You can often catch glimpses of my wild toddler and critters in the background (and sometimes foreground) of my workout videos, which I share regularly on social media. 

Okay, Okay I know what you're thinking. "This couldn't possibly work for me." Wrong! If you have made it this far... this program was made for you! 

For the bright eyed woman who wants to do IT ALL, but you are exhausted. You're so tired, but don't give up on yourself.  Give yourself this! This is what you need to feel accepted, to regain YOUR POWER, to LET GO of stresses that are holding you back and tying you down. To set free your insecurities and to do it with a tribe of women just like you. 

Here is what my clients are saying... Does this sound like you?

"How did you feel about your self-care at the beginning of this program? What were you struggling with?"

It was very hard for me to put myself first. To tell others “no”, or “wait” and put my needs first. It felt selfish for me to do what I needed first. I also didn’t feel like I had it in me to get my workouts done daily, to change the things I knew needed to change in my life, such as getting out of bed earlier!!!
— Suzanne
I felt that my self-care was lacking and I was continuously pouring (for my family and friends) from an almost empty cup. I needed to set up some boundaries for myself as I journeyed into this new part of my life.
— Alesia
I always put others needs before mine and I got the “leftovers”. I struggled with thinking I was worth my time.
— Deann