I’m not good enough because of my body.

I couldn’t go after certain opportunities. (I need to lose X pounds before take that picture or go to that event)

Mean that I couldn’t have the success that I wanted. (The most successful women I see are thin, pretty, and didn’t have kids - or at least not little ones)

Mean that I couldn’t wear pretty clothes. (I didn’t want to *waste* money buying clothes in a bigger size.)

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When we keep our shame bottled up, it grows bigger and bigger and eats away at us.

Shame is an internal feeling fed by the fear of external judgement.

The antidote for shame is...


When we share our shame in a safe place, and get empathy in return, we have taken one giant #imperfectleap towards healing.

What are you avoiding?
Where are you holding back? 
When does your inner mean girl say negative things that start with “I am”.

Join me in a private space to discuss the ways shame can old us back and learn 10 tactical ways you can beat shame NOW! 

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