Why online quizzes are all the craze!

Why take a silly quiz? 

It seems like taking online quizzes is the rage over the last few years. So why do we spend time taking these silly quizzes that may or may not have any relation to the results? 

Well obviously because it breaks up the monotony of scrolling Facebook and they, of course, it's fun to tell your friends what kind of pizza you would be, but psychologists agree there is more to it. 

There is a theory of narrative psychology that helps humans make sense of their lives by organizing events into stories that will fit together over time. When we can create these “biographies” that help explain who we are and where we come from it goes into our own developing stories and helps make us the hero. These quizzes also go along to reaffirm the perceptions we have already made of ourselves. 

Quizzes also give us a new setting to look into ourselves. Our Ego is constantly searching for self-assessment and self-awareness and it is much easier to let a quiz be the inward mirror than it is to look within. 

Social media adds a separate dimension to these quizzes because as humans we are always wondering what other people think of us. After taking a quiz and sharing the results we can silently wait for our friends and followers to comment and respond to our answer making quizzes an easy and non-threatening way of finding out what others think. 

Plus, who doesn't want to find out what their unique self-care love language is and share it with the whole world (or at least the social media world). 
If you haven't already, take the quiz and discover your self-care love language TODAY! 

And then what do you do after the quiz? 

Well, I am glad you asked! 

After you discover your love language it is time to nurture it. The perfect way to do that is through my self-care group coaching program. The doors are opening very soon. So check out the details and let me know if you have any questions.