What I learned from being robbed.

It was a Monday morning, around 6:15 AM, when I discovered my backpack and purse were missing from the front seat of my car. I was supposed to be on my way to work, yet I found myself standing in the front yard talking to a sheriff about the belongings that were missing.
The whole day (actually, even a few days after this incident) I had a complete mix of emotions from my body. The first feeling was the feeling of utter violation. I felt everything from scared to angry, sad (I even shed few tears), to just flat out feeling sorry for these people. Throughout the day I had to pick myself up a few times.  I had to find the good in what had happened because I couldn't wrap my mind around why it happened. I've been working really hard on my mindset, and instead of going down the negative route I chose the positive. I could have beat myself up for leaving my belongings in the car. I could have blamed myself for not locking it. I could have told myself all the negative things I was thinking, however, I didn't. I changed the conversation with myself. I tried to figure out how I could fix it and keep it from happening to myself or anyone else and move forward.

Something I learned is that throughout life we will be handed things that are unexpected and that can literally knock us off of our feet, but how we react to these times is what is so telling about our personality and our strength. I felt like the rug was pulled out from under my feet. I felt like I was slapped in the face with a harsh reality. I felt very vulnerable and heartbroken. While I was so upset that my entire purse which contained my very identity and my brand-new laptop that I had worked so hard to buy was just gone, I also knew that it could've been way worse. I was safe, my family was safe and these things, these belongings that were taken from us can be replaced. I realized that for some reason my things were chosen, perhaps it wasn't by accident, perhaps that was for me to gain a better understanding, maybe it was just to share this story right here. 

I know how truly powerful the mind can be, therefore I've been using it on my behalf through this experience. In life we cannot change the past, we can't change the things that happened to us, but we can change the way we deal with them and the way we move forward with the future. I cannot change the fact that my belongings were stolen and my space was violated.  I cannot change the fact that I am at fault. I take full responsibility for leaving my stuff in a place that somebody could take it, I take full responsibility for my actions and therefore I will take responsibility on moving forward as well. I will pick up the pieces where they lay and I will not let this evil bring me down. They may have knocked me back a few steps, but they will not keep me from moving forward.  

These thieves gave me proof that I am surrounded by a tribe of amazing people. The support and love I received after sharing my news was overwhelming.  I felt like I was wrapped in a cocoon heading away from the rest of our sick world. My eyes were open to the fact that while evil lurks, there is still plenty of good. Karma will catch up to them, but it's out of my hands, I will leave it up to God from here. I will be OK, after a while of fixing what they have essentially tried to destroy I'll be back to normal, I'll be living and thriving. I could have let this whole experience break me but it won't, it won't break me... it's only going to make me stronger.

This week I am focusing on one thing... 

My brand new program! The doors are opening to my eight week self-care group coaching program on MONDAY AUGUST 14TH. 

I am so excited to get back to my group of amazing women, lifting each other up and learning to cope with the daily stresses, trials and tribulations that try and slow us down. We are in this TOGETHER ladies.

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