Slow down, You're moving too fast

“Slow down everyone

You're moving too fast

Frames can't catch you when

You're moving like that”

Jack Johnson says it best, and I am slightly obsessed with quoting music lyrics.

But really, what’s the hurry? Slow down or you may miss the things you are looking for, and you're losing days of your life by always moving so fast.

I moved to small town Texas (from California of all places) at the ripe age of 18,  where the world just seemed to slow down. People drive slower, move slower and talk slower (Love ya’ll). While I have made my way around (half) of the state, I found myself back in a small town.  The slower way of living has sure grown on me and I love it.  Slowing down can simply make you happier and healthier.

I get it you are a busy, busy lady.  So am I, and patience is not high on my list. We live in a world of instant gratification and I often have to remind myself to SLOW DOWN.  Not only is it important to live in the moment and enjoy every little thing, but your life LITERALLY depends on it.  Studies have shown that just by slowing down you can live longer, reduce high blood pressure and have better relationships.

Here are 10 reasons to slow down.

1. Slow down to lose weight.

If you just can't kick those extra pounds, slow down. Eating on the fly and inhaling your food doesn't give your stomach enough time (20 minutes) to tell your brain that you are full, which then makes it easy to cram in more calories than you need. Postponing meals, and not eating on a schedule also tells the body to store more fats.  If your body doesn't know when the next meal is coming, it will automatically store more fats to protect against starvation. Therefore, eating 5-6 times a day keeps your body and your metabolism happy. Slow down and eat... taste your food, chew your food and enjoy your food.

2. Slow down to value your self-worth.

Moms listen up, I am talking to you. It is so easy to get caught up in everything you need to do, that you lose sight of yourself. Can I get an AMEN? We lose sight of our soul that makes us, our soul that needs to be nurtured and cared for. Stop focusing on the externals and focus within. Focus on all of the goodness you hold.

3. Slow down to be a better mom and act from a place of love.

I can see it, I feel you. Picking up toys, cooking meals, doing laundry, dishes and maybe getting a shower in between toddler tantrums. It’s extremely difficult to slow down with children. There is always something that needs to be done. Just know, these days won't last forever. Spending quality time with your kids now, will have lasting effects on them as they grow. You don't necessarily need more time with your kids; you simply need to use the time you do have a little differently. Simply focus in the moment. Even short burst of time let them know they are valued and loved, it also makes mama's heart happy.  Even when I have a million things to do, when my baby wants to rock and watch cartoons, you bet your bottom dollar I am going to rock and watch cartoons everything else can wait because one day, he won't be rockin with his mama anymore.  By slowing down with your children, you can really access that place of love, enjoy their wander, enjoy them being little. You are their hero, be the vessel of light and love.

4. Slow down for a healthier heart and bring out the voice in your heart.

Do you get mad when things don't go your way? Maybe the car in front of you is driving too slow, or the lady in front of you checking out is taking FOR. EV.ER.  Slow down. Those who hate to wait are nearly 50 percent higher risk for developing high blood pressure compared to those who can chill.  So next time you feel like you cannot possibly wait that extra minute, take a deep breath and distract yourself by tuning into the voice in your heart. The ego lies in the mind. Take in this moment and just let go of the control. When you do this, the voice of the heart can come out.

5. Slow down to boost your energy.

Living at full speed can really deprive your brain of sufficient oxygen, a key source of energy.  Running through your day leads to short, shallow breathing and you cannot receive proper oxygen leading to exhaustion, fatigue and anxiety. So take slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel your belly rise and fall with each slow inhale and exhale.

Practice this daily, whenever you can remember (at your desk, in the shower — or when you are stuck behind that slow-poke). It can help improve oxygen intake, lower your blood pressure and increase your energy levels.  I am loving my breathe app on my apple watch, in case anyone wanted to know.

6. Slow down to get ahead at work

Speeding through your work and multitasking is hardly productive. Not only does constant multitasking lead to loss of creativity and poor production, but it leaves you no time to reflect, therefore increasing the risk for mistakes. I myself have made a vow to slow down in my work. 

7. Slow down for better fitness.

Speeding through your workout is NOT going to get you the results you seek. Slower activities can burn some serious calories, it’s scientifically proven but that is a whole other blog topic there.  And here is one reason I love yoga. Studies have shown that those who practice yoga regularly for a number of years are 80 percent more likely to maintain their weight and almost 400 percent more likely to lose pounds according to a recent study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Yoga is also calming and helps you live more mindfully even when you're not practicing, which makes it easier to recognize when you start slipping into overdrive throughout the day, plus it feels AMAZING!

8. Slow down and be grateful.

Embrace the present and be grateful. Watch your child play, drink that cup (or 2) of coffee, sit outside and listen to world around you. By taking the time to embrace the present moment, we can embrace the beauty that's right in front of us. Whether it's watching a child playing in the playground or drinking a fresh cup of coffee, there is so much gratitude to be embraced if we choose to look from the lens of love. All too often we can take our lives and experiences for granted. We can take our job, relationships, and home for granted. The more we take for granted, the more we lose sight of gratitude and constantly are in the search for more. Slow down today and embrace the gift of life you've been given.

9. Slow down and be kind to yourself.

When you slow down enough, you can listen to yourself.  You can hear your thoughts and your truths. When you embrace the present you are allowing yourself to really engage and feel.  When you are living in the moment you will feel more fulfilled throughout your day and your purpose and passion will shine through. You were put here for a reason and the more you get in touch with your passions and your purpose, the more alive you will feel each day.  

10. Slow down and accept.

Accept the things you cannot change. Acceptance is the solution to all problems, and when you accept something you will experience goodness and love.  This may take time, but as you take time with yourself, acceptance will come.

If slowing down terrifies you, you are not alone.  Scientific studies are suggesting that our brains use metabolic energy cost to determine the speed with which we (and other animals) move towards a reward.  So you are literally hardwired to rush to every reward. But I am urging you to slow down, we live in a world of plenty… and there is always more!