Getting off the Roller Coaster

I don´t know about you, but I find a long bath to be a great go-to after a long and stressful day.

Especially since I am a mom of 5 kids, who keep me busy and on my feet. When they are not in my hair, I am here to empower women globally by giving them tools to make more empowered decisions in their personal life, creating a ripple effect in their families and businesses, and partnering with third world women to help them become more empowered as well.

And a bath is one of the things on the list to combat overwhelm. It is a quick fix.

There are days where life happens: a kid is unwell, the computer acts up, the to do list is too long, or we just have a bad day and it can all add up, weigh us down and overwhelm.  Our head is spinning, and nothing and everything feels important. And there are short term strategies, to take care of that, and turn the day around, my personal favorite is a nap, some people like to get outside and go for a walk, dance to music, binge on Netflix. These are all small activities, that can shift the energy and get us back on track.

But what about your medium term strategy? Have you given thought and consideration to what else you can do in your life to keep overwhelm at bay or dealt with efficiently?

Three areas you might want to examine more closely are:

Your schedule

Let´s start with our schedule. Our schedule shows what we value, what we make time for in our lives, what we prioritize.

Some questions to ask:

  • How busy are you?
  • What are you busy with?
  • more importantly: How are you doing with your busy-ness?
  • Do you enjoy your days?
  • Are you burdened by the activities?
  • Are you present on your schedule?
  • Is there time for the things you enjoy (besides your business, because I know, we all love what we do)?
  • What about essentials, the people you love, the legacy you want to leave? Is there room on your schedule for that?

A schedule should reflect your values, make room for who you are, what you enjoy, and time for the people you love.

If you find time and space for all of those things, then overwhelm doesn´t have as great a chance to hit. As you make room for you and what is truly important to you, you nourish yourself. This is important as it fills the reserves that we need, when life gets hard.

Do you see gaps in your schedule? What can you do, to make shifts and changes, to support you better?

Your personal habits

Personal habits are one the most powerful ways to support ourselves in the long term. This is the place to lay a foundation to build upon, as well as the area you will find yourself tweaking and changing.

If you have never paid attention to your personal habits (though I have a feeling since you are reading this, you have at least a general awareness of what they are), it is time to look at them and how you are doing in each of these areas in your life. If you find, you are completely new to this, then just take in the information, and pick one area to start to evaluate.

The area of personal habits is also one, that even after we have a good grip on life, we keep on refining, and tweaking and adjusting as needed with changing desires, life circumstances and forward movement. But once habits are well established, it is easier to modify, than establishing a completely new habit. Here are some areas which will support you in your everyday life and lay a foundation for overwhelm-free living.

The following is a list of areas that I give for consideration. As you read through it, I am sure, you can relate to them, and intuitively know, where you need the most help.

  • Health Related - Are you nourishing yourself with the right foods? Do you get enough sleep and exercise?
  • Meditation - practice breathing to have it be so habitual that in a situation where it is suddenly needed (you misplaced your driver´s license, and your mind automatically goes in overdrive of where it could be and all the details to take care of now…) you can step into that habit and process from a point of calm
  • Journaling - processing the day, the past, dreaming into the future, letting go and making sense of the past to release stress coming from that, and step into gratitude; taking charge of the future, giving a sense of control, purpose and co-creation
  • Creative outlets - drawing, dancing, making music, gardening
  • Personal pursuits - other hobbies that fill your soul and make you smile

Your support system

The people around us have a tremendous impact on our lives, they can support and move us forward. But, they can at times also lack understanding and it might feel as if they are slowing us down...

Surround yourself with helpful people, who not only have your best interest in mind, but who also share your dream and are ready to support you. Here are a few categories for you to consider to have close at hand:

  • Family that is there to support you, have your back when you need the extra time or hug.
  • Friends that are understanding and can lend a helping hand or an invitation for a fun night out.
  • Business relations are one of the most important parts to our sanity. Having others in our lives, that truly get all the dynamics of family and building a business, someone you can call when you have questions whether technical or about yourself.
  • Babysitter, seriously have someone on call to jump in, so you can breathe, take a nap, watch a movie or hit a deadline.
  • A Coach, is there to have the outside perspective, that no one else can and still be unequivocally on your side.

Personally, I am still looking for someone, who could watch all 5 of my kids on a whim - haha ;) - but one thing I do is have 1 day a month, where I ship off all the kiddos to some friends and do with that time, as I need (last time ended up being pizza, Netflix and time for an ugly cry ;) )...

Each of these areas can contribute or undermine how much overwhelm you experience in your life!

To lay the foundation for a overwhelm free life of ease and control, these are the areas to pay special attention to. If this list alone sets you off spinning, I invite you to explore deeper with me in my upcoming course on “How to Get Off the Roller Coaster”. Download my brief take on “Days like these”,  as your first step towards greater freedom where I will give you a quick short list of how to stop the spinning for today!

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