How I Find the Time to Workout with a Toddler

So many times I hear the words “I don’t have time”.  Well let me tell you, neither do I!

From the time my son was 7 weeks old, I MADE time for myself. I knew creating a space of time for me to work on my body was something I needed to do for myself.  I desperately wanted to find a workout program and a plan I would ACTUALLY stick with for more than a week.  I wanted to feel healthy, alive and fit, but I also wanted to be the most amazing mother to this new life I had brought into this world.  I knew there was a way these two things could co-exist, I just had to find a way.  One more thing I had to overcome was that I was a serial exercise quitter.  I would last about two weeks at the most, and QUIT!

I knew myself well enough to know that going to the gym was not an option. Why? Because I didn't “have the time”... right! I have tried the gym many times before, even through high school. I either had no clue what I was doing with the machines, I would get bored with them and have no rhyme or reason behind what I was doing, and the classes never seem to fall at a convenient time. 

I had dabbled in the realm of cross-fit just before I conceived my tiny human, and while I absolutely admire cross-fitters, I just can’t hang.  Cross-fit takes a whole other level of dedication, determination and grit that I just do not possess.  But I do love and admire the community they have created, and I love being pushed outside my limit every now and then in my favorite box Cross-fit Anomaly.  

Then, I stumbled across Beachbody.  We have all heard of P90X and insanity through the commercials on TV right? Well that same company has since expanded to bring a multitude of exercises for all to enjoy.  A short 8 weeks after having my baby boy, I started the 21 day fix. Surely I could find 30 min each day to work on MYSELF.  I had gone back to work full time and taking call, I was juggling being a wife and a mom and struggling to keep my identity.  

So you are probably thinking, “get to the point already!”.  Ok here is the point.  How do I find the time to workout with my little… I MAKE IT!

“It is not always easy, but it is always worth it”, that’s my motto.  Another confession, I HATE MORNINGS.  I have never. Ever.. ever been a morning person.  But I know that getting up in the morning before my 24 hour work day (I am also on call for 7 days at a time!) is sometimes the only option.  Sure I can usually make time in the evenings, but between spending time with my family, feeding our animals and making dinner, sometimes it is just easier to get it done early.  

And when I cannot drag myself out of the bed at 4:30 AM, I plan on a specific time in the evening to get my 30 min in with my son.  These times with him are my favorite.  He is learning to take care of his body and watching his mommy make time for her health.  It’s really a win-win for both of us, and it is so rewarding to watch him try to do lunges, squats and headstands.  

Here are just a few of our videos for your viewing pleasure.  


Leave me or tag me in some of your new videos when you are working out with your littles, I would love to see and hear how YOU find time to workout with your littles.