How to Find Your Fitness Tribe

How to Find Your Fitness Tribe

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Working on your health and fitness can be a very personal thing. For some it’s hard to open up and be vulnerable about this topic, for others it’s downright embarrassing and even making the decision to work on your health can hit you on a superpersonal level! When you start something with such high stakes in a place where it is so easy to stumble, pick yourself up and stumble again (it happens to everyone!). Still, I see so many women try to tackle this huge task on their own. But think for a minute, what would change if you took a risk and opened up for other women to be on this ride with you? I'll tell you what set off a domino effect of momentum.

Now that we have established that including others in your new mission can be huge for you, how do you go about finding this tribe?

Maybe finding other women on the same schedule as you is hard, or maybe you are just an introvert and would rather do it alone, that's ok too. But, if you are motivated by others and you thrive off of the energy around you, here are a few steps to finding your fitness tribe.


It starts with a nudge.

Just the simple move of picking a confidant or two is a powerful motivator. When you verbalize your goals (or your fears) to another person, they will be there to push you and to keep you motivated and staying the course. Sometimes that's all we need, a positive word or a high-five.

And that creates a tipping point.

Even a little bit of accountability can go a long way.  This accountability has a huge impact on altering your mindset to push past the fears and hesitation and really kick up the importance you give your goals. This spark will give rise to new things like wearing workout clothes that make you feel sexy and powerful. Where the mind goes the body will follow, enjoy this new boost and take advantage.

Now, you are on a roll.

When you are sharing your goals with other driven women (people), suddenly those hurdles don't seem so big and those setbacks aren't so devastating. Now you are a part of something bigger, you are now part of a large group effort and you realize you are not the only one with struggles and hardships, you are not the only one who tripped over that invisible bump in the road because you’re in this together.

Wait, did this just become a party?

When you have finally found your tribe, you will feed off of their drive and determination, you will receive their energy and they will receive yours. Motivation is contagious, catch that shit! When your little group starts to generate more and more energy, everyone will feel it and it will just keep circulating. The more you tap into this new power, the more you will be able to harvest this new energy and take it with you everywhere you go.

Don’t forget to take your victory lap.

The greatest triumphs come from putting your goal to the test.  When you hit your first small goal, celebrate it. Your tribe will feel that victory as much as you and it will make you realize nothing can keep you going strong like success.  Let your tribe in on your accomplishment whenever you cross a finish line to lean into that energy and excitement. Next thing you know you'll be looking for higher mountains to climb.


This can look many different ways for you. Maybe your tribe is at the local gym, a CrossFit box, or maybe they meet in the park every morning, maybe you meet at the track or virtually online. There is no right or wrong way to find your tribe, the real step is just opening your eyes to find them, reach out… get vulnerable, after all, that's where the magic happens.  


Leave me a comment below if you have found your tribe, or if you are on the hunt!

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