The 5-Minute Hack to End Sugar Binges

I want to talk frankly about addiction in a way that you may not have heard of before. I don't consider addiction something to be ashamed of. 

A quick note: In the medical community, addiction is not a diagnostic term. "Abuse" is the closest diagnostic term a doctor assigns someone with an extreme habit.

And I want to argue that an addiction - whether we toss the word around jokingly or whether we would never be heard saying it aloud because of the shame - is simply an extreme habit.

An addiction can be a substance... or an activity. 

When we speak about addictions in a serious tone, we are usually talking about a substance or activity that is wreaking havoc on someone's life, perhaps sending them to jail, or the poorhouse, or even their grave.

And yet we can also speak lightly of addiction. As someone who coaches women to overcome sugar addiction, I can tell you the VAST majority of women I meet respond to that with "I'm addicted to sugar." 

Now, of course, not EVERY woman I meet needs professional help. And yet there is a truth there that people have a negative relationship with sugar if they feel the need to say that. 

So how can you break the emotional eating cycle and turn to something besides sugar in times of stress (or loneliness...or boredom...)? 

I want to first say that your relationship with sugar is totally up to YOU. If you believe the benefits of sugar in your life are worth the cost, then you do NOT have a problem.

But if you feel the costs outweigh the benefits, then you DO have a problem.

Let's quickly look at benefits and costs. This is just as short list, you can feel free to add your own.


  • tastes good
  • stress relief
  • enjoy eating 
  • distraction from unpleasant task
  • fun to eat 
  • included in many celebrations
  • temporarily feels good
  • gives you a high or energy burst


  • feel sick to stomach after eating too much sugar
  • beat yourself up emotionally for eating too much
  • berate yourself for not having self control
  • hold extra weight you'd like to lose
  • affects hormones negatively
  • causes acne and skin outbreaks
  • can contribute to acute ailments (colds, flu, etc)
  • too much puts you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer (and more)

We usually start with the pros outweighing the cons...otherwise we would never get started!!! But if you've looked this over and you feel the costs have begun to outweigh the benefits, then it's likely time for a change.

So take 5 minutes right now to brainstorm an extensive list of activities you can choose INSTEAD of sugar. Extra Credit: add notes about circumstances where each idea may best suit you (at night, at a party, at work, etc).

Here are some to get you started:

  • eat something healthier
  • eat a smaller portion
  • play a game 
  • drink tea
  • take a bath
  • pull some weeds
  • read a book
  • masturbate
  • have sex
  • go shopping
  • do some work
  • take a nap
  • go to bed early
  • daydream
  • wash your face
  • brush your teeth

Honestly you could add things like have a glass of wine, drink a beer, or smoke a cigarette... no these are not healthy, but yes these can be beneficial and you may think the benefit is worth the cost! 

The point here is that it is totally up to you, and you do not need to pick what someone else thinks you should, but you should pick what would work for you! What YOU think is a good pro/con ratio!

If you need more help breaking a sugar habit then I challenge you to make a comprehensive list of alternatives and map out when you will start trying them out. 

Make it fun, do it with a friend, get support from a health coach or other trained professional, and know that you have navigated many other habits in your life and successfully changed them, so you can change this one, too! 


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Alegra Loewenstein

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If you've tried to lose weight or quit sugar in the past and have not been able to succeed, be sure to sign up for The Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes... and How to Fix Them!  

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