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At some point during your entrepreneurial journey, I’m sure you’ve heard how important self care is. How important it is to step back and prioritize yourself for just a moment to rejuvenate and strengthen your mindset. But as a busy rising entrepreneur-ess , how often have you put this into practice when feeling as if, “that's not going to bring me money, only hustle is.” What we often forget is that self care is truly powerful and it comes in many different forms. It is a proven fact that simply clearing your mind, taking a breather and relaxing can inspire you to DO more and BE more, thus increasing your productivity. Boosting your Image and Personal Style is one of the most powerful tools that in fact WILL actually bring you money and attract great success into your life and business! How? Let me elaborate!

Most female entrepreneurs know they need an image upgrade but often write it off as NOT being an investment priority until things reach a certain point in their business, forgetting that it’s not just about style or meaningless fashion but more about skyrocketing their confidence beyond measure to be unstoppable in life and business! I actually place it in the realm of mindset and authenticity. What we see when we look in the mirror plays such an underlying role in getting out there. Let’s turn that around!

Imagine using your wardrobe to display your authenticity, authority and connect with clients before you EVER say a word. Imagine feeling overwhelmingly confident, unstoppable and ready to take the world by storm. Soaring to new heights in your journey, opens the door to new opportunities and with new opportunities you need to make great first impressions (image+value). To make great first impressions, you need to feel confident! Image and GENUINE Personal Style allows for all of this in a unique way that is specific to you! It is pretty much an unwritten declaration of who you are! It provides you with a stronger brand identity that your dream clients can relate to and connect with immediately. Wearing the right colors, (your power color, as I would say) to an important speaking engagement or during a client meeting can even give you a sense of magnetism, arousing a certain emotion in those who you cross paths with. And above all this, when we look good, we tend to feel GREAT and can do some amazing things! Simply put, CONFIDENCE is POWER!

Wondering what you can do right now to be more intentional with your image, personal style and wardrobe to easily attract success? Here are 7 Steps to take that will give you results:

1. Self love & appreciation for our true selves! This will prevent doubt from creeping up when getting dressed. I dare you to Love that body you've got, highlight your best features, express gratitude for WHERE you are now and WHO you are now! If you like something, find a way to wear it! Confidence is breath of fresh air that resonates and displays authority plus competence.

2. Understanding the story or message you want to send with your image. How do you want to be perceived? Confident and competent? Free Spirited and Sassy? Conservative? As an entrepreneur it’s your call but whatever it is you can say it with your clothing.

3. Think about the type/style of clothing you like or currently feel most comfy in using. Use a platform like Pinterest for visuals. Be on the lookout for any patterns you notice. Are you loving edgy pieces, bohemian? etc.

4. Decipher your body shape/type. I hear from clients and in my community a lot how hard it is to find flattering clothing for their unique shapes and body type. But listen up ladies, this doesn't have to be a struggle. FIT IS EVERYTHING! and Understanding your body type, helps you to be a PRO at knowing what a good fitting garment looks like on you. It also allows you to feel confident when shopping and styling yourself, knowing that you are able to pick sizes appropriately or camouflage areas if needed. Choose from:

      ● Rectangle, Straight or Boyish: ­balanced frame with proportioned hips, shoulders and         straight waist. Typically have little to no curves.

      ● Inverted Triangle ­ Broad shoulders in proportion to your waist or top heavy (big busts)

      ● Hourglass ­ Balanced lower and upper body with curves full hips and bust and a defined waistline.

      ● Pear or Triangle ­ Full lower body, Curvy bottom only. Small upper body and busts.

     ● Apple or Oval ­ Full Waist area or Mid­-Section. Hips and shoulders are proportionate.

5. Perform a closet cleanse. This will allow you to analyze what items are working in your favor according to body type, silhouettes, brand, message and what items are not. We often only wear about 20% of our closets because it is much easier not having to think about new outfits we can create, when we have our go to items we can pull right away. The other 80% is just hanging there as decoration. A closet cleanse will pull you out of this rut, letting you know what is worth keeping or getting rid of. You might find some hidden gems!

6. Find your Power Colors. Figure out your power colors so that you always look your best in terms of skin tone and what colors attract your ideal clients according to your style personality and brand. For example...the color red is associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion. Red is a very emotionally intense color while the color blue is associated with trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect.

7. In your life and business, think about the activities that you do the most and need to plan for (Meetings, book signings, speaking gigs etc.). This will allow you to be prepared with stylish but functional outfits that fit the bill. You can even take photos of them for future reference.

With these tips you can use your personal style as a weapon to be the woman you want to be and attract who you want to attract. I dare you to put them into action and wish you great success in life and business!

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