Depression has a HUGE Impact on your Fitness and Wellness Mindset

When I was growing up, I never realized the effects of depression. As a teen, I was depressed. I was very conscious of my body so I worked out maybe twice a week, but spent most of my time in my room reading.

As a young adult, I drowned my depression in exercise, relationships, and alcohol. I soon found that these things didn’t really help my depression at all. I was more depressed than ever.

My life wasn’t terrible and I had everything I needed, but I was still so unhappy.

Depression is crippling. It stops you from growing if you let it consume you. It leaves you feeling weak and alone in your mind.

So how do you combat this?

 Your mindset needs a makeover.

Fitness and wellness are not just working out and eating right. It has everything to do with the way you feel.

Depression can stop you from thinking clearly. You may thing that you need to go, go, go.

This was what I did. I worked out so much but didn’t focus on what I was eating (not enough calories), and I became malnourished. It was unhealthy and did nothing for my depression.

Plenty of websites out there will tell you that exercise will help your depression. But if you are simply using the exercise to cover up your depression then you aren’t helping yourself at all.

So, you may be wondering how to get this mindset makeover.

It isn’t easy and it takes time and discipline.

Get an Accountability Partner

Find someone who is an inspiration to you. Someone who is helpful and can keep you motivated.

You need someone you can trust too. If they tell you that you need to get out of your head, then it’s for your best interest.

This person doesn’t necessarily have to struggle with depression too. Sometimes it’s good to have someone who is on the outside looking in.

Find your rhythm

Depression doesn’t usually let you pick and choose when you feel fine. Instead, it wants to run your days, taking up your nights with worry and anxiety.

Sometimes you have to tell your depression to have a seat on the couch while you show up to your workout… for you!

You need this. It could be a 15-minute yoga session just to help you unwind. Or maybe you take a few minutes to read an inspirational post.

I like to do something for me three nights a week. I don’t take the whole night to do whatever it is.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. 30 minutes of yoga

  2. 15 minutes of guided meditation

  3. Listen to a podcast episode

  4. 20 minutes of HIIT or a workout video

These things don’t take too long to accomplish… and that’s what they are! These are accomplishments.

If you are able to complete one of these and you struggle with depression than you

Don’t give up!

Seriously! You’ve got this. It is possible to live victoriously while still struggling with depression.

I am living proof that it is possible.

I still struggle. Some days are really bad days.

But I make a choice every morning (and sometimes every hour) that I can live with this.

It’s not just about living though. You can be happy. I know that may seem impossible right now, but I can tell you that you can do it.

Take each day in baby steps if you have to. You are not alone! But you can do it.




Alesia is a working mom who fights her way through life, depression, and just plain stupidity. She strives to show others that it is possible to be a bad-ass while you feel like you're losing your mind. A Bottle of Sanity is a space in which working moms may find inspiration as they struggle with their depression or anxiety.