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My Experience with a BeachBody Challenge

Today I want to share with you my experience of going through a BeachBody Challenge with Brittia cheering me on. This girl is a rock star and she can help you be one too! The encouragement and support she offers is incredible, and the example she sets is motivating to say the least.

Going into the challenge, Brittia sought me out and asked what she could provide to help me out the most. I told her two things: accountability, and personal check ins. I couldn’t imagine that this busy women (working a full time job, mom to an energetic toddler, and business owner) could possibly have time to care about my fitness goals and accountability. But she proved me wrong!

I met Brittia through social media at the close of 2016, as I was searching for an online fitness coach that would keep me accountable for my workouts in the new year. I could see right away that I’d found exactly what I was looking for in Fringe & Fitness. I was 100% on board with what she was offering.

Before long, I was all signed up for my first BeachBody Challenge, with an accountability group of women all reaching for their health goals. By the time I learned all the features of the program, I had definitely received more than I originally thought I was getting. To name a few...

  • A personal coach that was setting an incredible example every day
  • Full access to every single one of BeachBody’s fitness programs for an entire year
  • Meal planning/tracking tools
  • Goal setting/tracking tools
  • An accountability group to check in with daily
  • One meal a day filled with dense nutrition

I’ve always had a hard time sticking to my workouts and diet. I’d finally reached a point where I was ready to put some of my hard earned money towards my fitness goals. Honestly, I thought paying money for it was going to be the only motivation that would make me stick it out. I quickly learned the great value in my accountability group of other women. These women were headed in the same direction as me! They actually cared if I showed up and worked out. They were there to encourage me and understood the challenges I face because they were facing them too!

Before long I got my first personal “check-in” from Brittia. Knowing that she could check in at any time, helped me always try to stay on top of my workouts and eating plan so that I could respond positively when she checked in again! There were times when I was so discouraged and Brittia would help me change my focus from the results to how I was doing something good for myself.

When I have done workout programs alone in the past, I have always run into a wall at some point. Life would get hard. Stress would take over. Frustration with my progress would take me down. Feeling alone, like I was the only one struggling to keep the weight off! But being a part of a group totally changed this whole picture. Other women would post about their struggles - depression, medical issues, long work hours, house full of sick kiddos...you fill in the blank. There was a women from every stage of life, dealing with everyday struggles of life that we all face! Life is hard, and life can get you down, but these women weren’t letting life beat them! And this gave me courage to keep trying my best too.

We all want to see results when we work hard at something. Especially in fitness, we want to see visual results!! Well, my results didn’t show up on the scale or in my measurements after just one month of working out. I had to learn that there are several factors of “results” when it comes to faithful exercise. Each day I checked off my workout calendar, I felt stronger, both mentally and physically. Every time I drank my Shakeology, I felt relieved to know that I was eating at least one really balanced and nutritious meal in the middle of my busy day! By sticking to something I had started, I felt I could take on some of my other goals that I had always procrastinated. I learned how far just a little bit of effort each day can take a person! After a workout, I always felt good, happy, and responsible. I wasn’t neglecting myself anymore and it made me stronger to give of myself to those around me.

As I went along, I realized that this is a life change. You can’t just do one exercise program and expect to “be” fit. Being fit is a way of life, it’s something you do every day, it is a lifestyle. And this meal planning stuff...you know, no sugar, less carbs, more veggies? That has to be a lifestyle change too! This was kind of hard for me to swallow. I mean, who doesn’t love a fresh baked pie, the aroma of homemade bread sifting through the house, a soft baked chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk!? I thought I had to give it all up. And then Brittia stepped in again and introduced me to a Paleo meal plan. This meal plan had dessert, homemade muffins, and mouth watering dinner dishes! Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean gross food!! But you do have to change the way you cook, the ingredients you use, and watch the balance.

My favorite discovery, as I was posting pictures of my meals, including recipes occasionally, in our accountability group, was a substitute for my constant desire to have a bunch of brownies! The first time I made this mug cake, I actually asked Brittia if it was truly “okay” to eat!! It tasted so good, so light and fluffy, so chocolaty that I just couldn’t imagine it was legal! And that is what I mean when I say you have to change the way you cook, the ingredients you use. I’d like to share my Chocolate Chip Mug Cake Recipe with you today. It’s the perfect dessert fix for those nights when you just want to ditch the diet and grab a cookie! Get the recipe here and stay in touch with me too!

Now I am headed into my 4th month of fitness lifestyle with Brittia as my cheer leader. It’s been amazing and she has helped me transform my perspective on fitness, healthy eating, and self- care. I always knew self care was important, but I never thought of it as exercising, eating right, and putting yourself first. Taking care of you enables you with the energy and well being you need to be able to care for others.

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