How fun is this!

Blogging about a Blog

This week I had a great blog lined up for you, but I decided to forego it this week and share something different and super fun. 

So most of you know, I am a little country... okay maybe a lot country.  But the fact is, horses are pretty much part of my identity, Ever since I was a small child (I was literally 2 years old when I won my first belt buckle!), I have been horseback. 

Long story short, I just got the opportunity to guest post for the website and I am so stinking excited I want to shout it from the rooftops, and of course I want to share it with my people (aka YOU!).  So I am breaking all the rules and blogging about a blog. 

I would LOVE nothing more than for you to go check out my blog "5 tips to staying healthy on the road" on and leave me a comment that you were there. 

And how about this great picture they shared with it.  I was literally just home after a full day of traveling from California back to Texas (with a two year old might I add!) hence the hot mess express hair doo. 

Without further adieu... here is the link to check out my guest