Be Brave, the world needs you.

"You have to be brave with your life so that other can be brave with theirs." - Author unknown.

I saw this quote last week and it hit me: . . . I have to be be brave with my life to show other women they too can be brave with theirs. 

I have spent my whole life dreaming:  dreaming about what my future would look like, including what kind of ranch I would live on and what my job would be.  While many of these things look different now than they did when I dreamt about them 20+ years ago, I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I have it pretty dang good, but every day is not always easy.  Some take more work and energy than others.

Two years ago, I was one month shy of giving birth to my first baby. I was swollen, large, and felt the least bit sexy. I thought that was it for my body and that I would always be fluffy like the marshmallow man.  Even after delivering my most precious gift into this world, I was so self-conscious we only took one picture (ONE PICTURE!), which I still look at and cringe at my fluffy, fluid-filled face.

 Y'all. . . it was the biggest day of my life to date, and I was worried about how non-chiseled my face looked!!! WHY? Why do we do these kinds of things to ourselves? I literally grew a human being inside my 28-inch waist for nine months, and I was critiquing the shape of my FACE! We have GOT to give ourselves the grace to just be, and to enjoy every moment we are given on this earth.  

Six weeks after giving birth, I started the journey back to my pre-baby body, a body which I was told NUMEROUS times I would never see the likes of again.  Whether due to my stubborn personality or my many years studying human health, I was bound and determined to get my body - and my identity - back.


So often when you become a mom, it can feel like the world shifts on its axis, leaving you dangling on the edge of a black abyss.  You are the last one to eat, the last one to sleep and the last one to buy anything for yourself.  I am only saying this because I know! I was there, and I have talked to many other moms during my journey who have been there too.  But I am here to tell you it does bot have to be this way. You matter, and you deserve time to take care of yourself- you've earned it mama!

So where does being brave come into all of this? I have taken huge leaps and put myself out there for the world to see me, know me, and judge me to let other women know there is another way. You can work a full-time job and tend to your kids, your husband, and your house.  You can build a business, you can chase your dreams, and dammit you can work out when you want to, because you are a woman, and you are WORTHY.  Your body has done amazing things for you- what are you doing for it?

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