Week TWO- 24 Healthy Days of Christmas

We made it through another week!!! If your still with me, let me know in my Facebook Group. 

For a short recap here is what you might have missed. 

Day 8- I Choose to breathe in relaxation and breathe out stress. 

Today I talked about doing a little yoga to loosen up and relieve some stress.  I gave you an easy 10 min yoga sequence to try at home and a Healthy Hot Chocolate to sip by the fire after you are super chilled out. 

Day 9- My health is improving and so is my life. 

This was about making the most out of every little step.  Everything you are doing is leading you into a healthier and improving life. Soon everything you ever dreamed of will come true... if you believe. I shared a tip about catching fast food and gave you a White Peppermint Snowball Cookie recipe.  

Day 10- I am surrounded and protected in healing white light. 

Ya, not "that" light.  I dug into which light I am referring to and gave you some tips about other light (UV lights).  So lets enjoy the outdoors. I also gave you this amazing Brownies with Butterscotch Drizzle recipe. 

Day 11- Everything I eat heals me and nourishes me. 

I shared some thoughts on using food and water as medicine, and then gave you lemon bars! hahaha...  It's all about balance people! 

Day 12- Making small changes is becoming easier for me. 

Small daily changes=massive results.  I touch on this more today and give you some snack tips. Of course I had to add some Cranberry-Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies too. 

Day 13- Healing happens with each baby step I take. 

More baby steps today.  But I challenged you to see if you were in it for the long haul or looking for a quick fix. So ask yourself that.  I then gave you some tips for your next grocery run and gave you some Baked Apple Fritters to try. 

Day 14- Progress over Perfection. 

This is something I think a lot of people struggle with. So many times we overlook the small things, we are always thinking big picture, big results. But I want you to STOP and reward yourself for the progress you have made in these two weeks! I asked you to reward yourselves and I rewarded you with some Turtle Bars

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Want to see WEEK ONE? No prob bob. 

Week ONE of 24 Healthy Days of Christmas

If you missed it... don't worry! Here are days 1-7 for your enjoyment. This is just a simple breakdown of what we talked about each day and the links to where you can find it all. 

DAY 1- I love and approve myself. 

Today I talked about those late night craving and the pesky sweet tooth. I also shared a healthier version of apple pie you can find here

DAY 2- I am at peace in my body, heart and soul. 

Today was about surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting people and how joining a  group of like minded people can literally change your world. Here is the super yummy White chocolate bark I shared. 

DAY 3- I am learning how to love my body. 

Today was all about the baby steps. Don't beat yourself up, take it easy and be nice to yourself. I even gave you a healthier pumpkin pie recipe so you don't beat yourself up for eating that pie. 

DAY 4- It's safe for me to be myself. 

Today I focused on just embracing yourself and being YOU. Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you'er than you. - Dr. Seuss.  Then I shared a delicious Apple Spice Cake

DAY 5- Every day, I am feeling healthier and stronger. 

I talk again today about the small baby steps and celebrating baby wins. Get yourself a gift and feel comfortable in your workout clothes. The recipe of the day today was Buttermilk Pralines. You are making a difference and you are growing if you are investing in yourself. 

DAY 6- Trusting my body is becoming easier and easier.

Are you listening to your body? Today was about trust. Trust your body, and listen to what it is telling you, if you listen you will hear. As a gift I shared a scrumptious Peppermint Ice Cream Cake. 

DAY 7- Healing is happening in my body and in my mind.

Yay! You made it through week one! How are you feeling, was it everything you dreamed of? We talked today about your body and mind healing. You are taking the steps just by showing up here, and you are doing amazing things for yourself... I want you to know that. But this is not where we end. I have a yummy, quick and simple Baked Pears recipe for you, and we will continue on.  See you next week! 

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