The 6 Superpowers That Will Empower You To Manifest Results Others Call Miracles

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength.  --- Marcus Aurelius

As I sat down to write this article for Brittia, I realized that within the context of her message and journey was the very real example that we could all easily resonate with when it comes to understanding the superpowers I want you to become acquainted with. For in the knowledge and deliberate use of these superpowers lies your ability to create what others call miracles.

Miracles, dear reader have never been a result of something impossible. This is a false misconception many tend to have.

We have all heard the famous statement With God All Things Are Possible. 

While this isn’t in any way attached to a religious creed or dogma, that statement is one I highly encourage you to reflect and even meditate upon especially if you’ve recently been struggling with a particular challenge.

A true miracle comes to confirm that indeed all things are possible when one is in harmony with the infinite intelligence a.k.a God and you are at this moment holding a special invitation to begin producing whatever miracles you desire.

Allow me to digress a bit and go back to the statement I started with regarding the lovely Brittia. She openly shared that part of her struggle was learning to overcome the lies of mass consciousness regarding her body shape post delivery.

"The impetus behind the community, however, was born a short time before, during the final months of her pregnancy and her first few weeks postpartum. Having started to believe the lies of others that her body could “never be the same” after childbirth, Brittia set out to prove herself (and her haters) wrong"

In other words, she either knowingly or unknowingly learned how to get in tune with the infinite intelligence and produce the same beauty, health, radiance, and well-being she’s always believed she deserves to enjoy – mommy or not!

This is the perfect example of what is possible for you once you consciously and deliberately learn to harness the powers contained in your mind because as Marcus Aurelias said, the great secret to a joyous life filled with power, strength and all good things lies therein.

What do we really mean when we say Superpowers?

It may come as a new thing to you but you are not that physical body that you carry around. Just as your physical home is what houses your physical body, you {the real, divine you} takes residency in that temple called your body. Who you are is way grander than the body and you exist simultaneously in more realms than just this three-dimensional one.

And just as we know the principle of electricity moves from a higher to a lower potential, you too express and manifest from higher to a lower aspect. 

The highest aspect we call Spirit and the lowest we call matter. Hence your body is the divine expression of Spirit at it’s lowest form. So whether you want to see changes in your physical body or any other manifested condition it becomes crucial to learn how to harness the necessary creative force from the Source of Origin.

Of course, from your lowest manifested form it's really tough to gain access to the highest version of you, which is where the connecting link also known as your mind comes in!

The magical connecting link of your life:

The mind is your connecting link and the secret garden where the blueprint of your life experiences are designed. It is where the real game of life takes place and everything you see externally is but a mere projection and after effect of the initial cause.

So, when it comes to creating financial breakthroughs, starting that business, traveling to that dream destination with your family or simply manifesting your ideal sexy body, can you see where the work must first be done?

Nothing is more important and crucial in determining the next six months of your life than learning how to manage and maintain the richest real estate you have – your mind.

Unfortunately, this magical garden will work just as powerfully in service to your dreams and desires as it will against them. Why? Certainly not because there’s some conspiracy against you! Always and only because you haven’t learned how to direct and retrain it to obey only your commands.

What about willpower? Doesn’t that work in creating successful results?

Yes, actually it does! That's why you see the majority of women going on crazy diets, releasing weight and then in a little while packing on twice as much as they had. This is also why we see so many people manifesting financial or business prosperity and then struggling to keep everything in harmony. I am no exception, as a former slum kid, my hunger for money and a good life made me a professional hustler. And I kept making lots of money and dissipating it just as fast as I had gotten it. I can tell you, nothing sucks more than giving a kid from Africa the taste of a good life because the money anxiety, worry, and strain only increase at the thought of losing it all again. So trust me when I say, whatever struggles you're dealing with, I am certain I can relate. Which is why I want to empower you into a new approach that ensures you produce lasting results. The power and ability to do this lie in getting to know about and learning how to develop and use what I call the six superpowers of your mind.

These are commonly referred to as your higher faculties.

Your mind being the connecting link is connected directly to Infinite intelligence, which is the one and only Powerful Presence that exists. But on the other hand, it is connected to the finite side, which is this physical realm so you can be able to navigate this human experience. 

The part directly connected to the physical world is known as the conscious mind. It is residence to your ego, personality. Your five physical senses are what extend outwardly from this aspect of your mind and here comes the good stuff. Inwardly, you have the six superpowers I mentioned. These six superpowers often referred to as higher faculties briefly summarized are:


This is one of your greatest miracles. The laboratory where everything is molded into shape. It's what Einstein called the sacred gift. Certainly, the knowledge and use of this faculty is what sets individuals apart. Because our mind can only think in images, your life is an out-picturing of the images you predominantly hold in this secret place.


Simply stated, this is the voice of God downloading itself into our human consciousness. We speak to God – that's call prayer. God speaks to us – that's called intuition. If you are a business woman, you will really need to develop this faculty because it can help resolve problems that would otherwise take you months to fix if you only depend on the intellect.


This is the perspective you hold. It is the lens through which you view life and the world around you. Every individual lives and experiences the world based on the perception held. 

Whatever your level of consciousness - that becomes the only reality you can know. So if conditioned into a consciousness of lack, poverty, insecure, unhealthy, not good enough, too fat etc. – willpower can help force some changes for a while but eventually, you will gravitate back to the set-point held in your mind. That's why starting a business, going on a healthy diet and so on, without working on changing your state of consciousness is only a temporary remedy.


Not to be confused by willpower because they are totally different. The ancient mystics and saints like to call this faculty the mistress of the mind. 

When trained well, the will makes sure all the other superpowers are doing their job right and holding on to the vision until manifestation is complete. Your will plays a huge role in securing victory so you need to learn how to train it well.


This is the logical side of us. Our intellectual, thinking capacity where we analyze, dissect, explain, decide etc. All the good stuff that we like to do as sophisticated individuals. 

For many, it is very well developed but hasn’t been well-groomed so it's pretty much like a smart rebellious teenager ☺


This is a big doozy for us especially as women since we like to cling on to stuff. Memory is great! How else do you think your skin is able to replace itself back into the same thing every month? The issue with this faculty is because it remains underdeveloped we are using it to perpetuate negativity, lack, disease, sorrow and things that just aren’t true to our nature. Get some new perspective on how your memory ought to be working for you and releasing weight, manifesting more income, rekindling that love affair with your partner or getting back that loving relationship with your teenage kid will become a present fact.

The issue at hand isn’t whether or not you are using these faculties right now. As long as you are alive in this human journey you don't have a choice over creating your life experience. 

So you're using them all the time. Unfortunately, most of us are using them unconsciously and neglect to develop them. Just as our physical bodies need regular exercise to maintain strong muscles, our mind needs to be exercised and these faculties need to be strengthened and trained properly. 

Unless you have taken the time to learn how they work and tamed them, they are most likely running wild, creating turbulence, confusion and perpetuating darkness in your world. Many of us are waking during the day with our eyes open but within, our mind is in complete darkness and all our powers lay in slumber. So shadows keep us tormented, living in constant fear and a state of uncertainty. From such a state, any goal you set, any actions you take are all in complete darkness that's why it becomes a game of hit and miss. This is also why willpower and motivation are what the masses believe in. It might work, but certainly not as a permanent cure. 

"Willpower and motivation are like a quick espresso shot. Fast and short-lived."  Janette Getui.


If you have been working toward a new lifestyle, more time and money freedom and better health then it's time to start giving attention to something more than just motivational videos and strategies. After all, we have seen that your mind is where the game of life really takes place. As long as these superpowers are under the curse of the physical senses, old paradigms and external influences, very little prosperity and bliss will naturally flow your way. 

The feeling of bliss and ease in the process of creating new results in your personal life and in business will also remain unstable. One day you'll feel in flow, the next day you'll be drowning in overwhelm and confusion. This is not the life you were created to have and you know deep down that is true. 

It's time to wake up, bring in some light into your mind and retrain your superpowers back into shape so they can start kicking some major ass and do what they were meant to do for you. What's that you may ask? 

Serve you and your dreams so you can gracefully create results others call miraculous.

Now we want to hear if you found this article useful and whether or not you have been developing your superpowers. Would you like to know how each of them works and how you can start harnessing their power today?



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