Self-care Myth Busters- 6 Myths About Self-Care

“There is nothing greater to offer the world than your inspired and well-nourished self.”- Unknown


Self-care is a huge umbrella word that i have been hearing a lot. By definition "self-care is any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.", but I often feel like it gets confused with pampering- indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil.

While pampering can definitely be a part of self-care, the term encompasses soooo much more than that.  While this is something I am very passionate about, I decided to write a blog and bust some myths about it.  

1. Self-care is optional.

This is mistake number one in my books.  Self-care is NOT optional.  Its like breathing, you cannot live without it. Without self-care you will run yourself into the ground, and unhealthy habits will creep into your life. This must be an important part of every day, you simply cannot afford to skip. 

2. Self-care is anything that soothes you.

This is a fine line. There are many negative things that can soothe, thus leading to addictions which instead of healing you will in fact make things worse.  Many people turn to alcohol, TV, phones, social media and food to soothe the stresses of life.  But self-care is about supporting your health and wellness and is not addictive, compulsive or harmful to you in any way.  That doesn't mean you cannot enjoy a glass (or two) of wine or occasionally divulge, just live in moderation.  

3. You have to earn the right to self-care.

You were born with the right and the OBLIGATION to take care of yourself. Society tells us where we should focus our intentions, and this has created the notion that we can only take care of ourselves after we have accomplished certain goals, or milestones.  Yet self-care is the EXACT thing that helps us reach those goals and climb the highest mountains to reach our dreams.  Also if you believe self-care is self indulgent, selfish or vain… you are wrong. I want you to look at yourself and say “I deserve to take care of myself, I am worthy of a healthy , exuberant life”, and I want you to repeat this until you believe it,

4. It's too expensive and you don’t have enough time.

Self-care is often viewed as a luxury that many of us think we don't have the time or money to enjoy. Well that is NOT the case. Most self-care activities actually do not involve spending money, nor do they take up many hours of your day. Self-care can merely mean taking 10 min to stretch your muscles in the morning, five minutes of quiet meditation before starting your day, or even a warm bath with candles before bed. So take a minute and BREATHE, it is not only essential to life, but it is also therapeutic when you put intention into it. You can also check out my blog on 20 ways to practice self-care for under $20. 

5. Self-care is all or nothing.

Actually, no! Some people may think that you have to spend an entire day of pampering or it's “not worth it”. While pampering is a great tool, it does not define self-care. Self-care is found in the little moments, the moments that light you up the most. If thinking self-care will take too much of your day and creates more stress, stop and back it up.  Self-care can be as much or as little as you need, it is yours to control.  So lock yourself in a closet for some quiet time, enjoy and extra cup of coffee or go try on that dress you have been eyeballing, you deserve it.

6. Practicing self-care is choosing between yourself and others.

The truth is, you cannot fill from an empty cup, and as every airline tells you “place the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping small children or others who may need your assistance.” Why, because if you are not conscious and breathing, you are no help to anyone else.  The same thing goes for the rest of your life and your health.  If you are not well, you cannot help those around you including your children and your family, let alone a business.

When you are not taking care of yourself you are falling into a cycle of depletion.  Your daily activities will deplete your energy and emotions, you become quick to snap, you become easily frustrated, cranky and needy and you begin to rely on others around you to replenish those reserves. When you are meeting your own needs you have so much more to give to others around you.

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