Your Personalized Key to Unlocking A Life Filled with Freedom & Flow

“You have within you more love than you could ever understand”  ~ Rumi

When we look deeper down to the core of who we are and to the core of what need to survive, we find a deep longing to be loved, heard and seen for exactly who we are, as we are.  This deep rooted desire keeps us moving through life looking to fill this void within; one that our current societies and cultures keep counteractively expanding, rather than filling.

Deep down in our heart of hearts, when stripped bare of all the busyness and drama life brings, we just want to feel happy, content and free in the moment.

We want to feel free to explore, to expand, and to love wholeheartedly, while feeling loved unconditionally ourselves.

We want those feelings without the crazy ups and downs which in themselves are life, because after all, as much as we try to tame it, predict or pin it down, life is chaos.

So how do many of us cope? We create schedules and formulas, we buy things, and we accumulate friends and lovers; all that will give us the high we seek in the moment,  which is nice for the moments when those things and people are available in the form we desire.

But what happens when they aren't?

What happens when we aren't able to find those outside fixes for our inner issues?

What happens when we are in the midst of the daily grind, filled with all the shoulds and roles that don't feel aligned, yet society expects from us in order to play a part in it?

You see, all these outside adventures, materialistic things or even self improvement programs we've subscribed to in order to “be our best self” or feel as if we are  “acceptable” or “enough” to love ourselves or for those around us to desire or love us, is a whole lot of energy and effort heading in the wrong direction.

In your purest form
In this moment
You are
A unique expression
of the energy of
And the void you feel
Day in and day out
Comes from
Forgetting this truth.

This is why self love is your personalized key to unlocking a life filled with freedom & flow.

Creating a solid base or platform of self love to live and experience your life from is the only way you will be able to find the peace in each moment that naturally sets the atmosphere to the perfect conditions where you see the world through eyes of appreciation and abundance, that in turn allows for the freedom and flow you seek to arise from within. Then, through inner practices and expressions that originate from unconditional love; practices like

  • Presence
  • Gratitude
  • Patience
  • Play
  • Heart Centered Perception
  • Passion

(Which are all very powerful practices) are able to be used to help us grow and experience life through our unique essence in a free flowing and genuinely joyful way.

Why? Because we first filled our void with the unconditional love of self we have learned to practice.  Unfortunately, these practices, if not grounded through a strong solid base of self love, will keep us going in the same circles as we were when we were using materialistic things and other outside influences to try and fill our void.

A few pointers to get you started with your personal self love practice:

  • Radical Acceptance of what is.
  • Love and accept all pieces of you; the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Accept with an open heart all that comes to you in each moment, even if it doesn't feel great or isn't what you desired, because we can't necessarily choose what or how things happen to us but we can choose how we decide to view them.
  • Setting up dates in front of the mirror, and practice saying I love you (you'd be surprised how uncomfortable you might feel at first doing this)
  • Rediscovering who you are and what makes you tick and how you can bring those into more of your moments
  • Tuning into what feels true for you, and honoring those truths in your life
  • Creating clear boundaries for yourself in order to help create a safe container for you to feel comfortable and at home as yourself in, regardless of where you are.

True freedom is about feeling at home with oneself in order to feel full in the moment.

  • Full enough to not need to seek outside approval or things.
  • Full enough to not need to lose ourselves while seeking love from others because we've found it in ourselves.
  • Full enough to freely give the unconditional love that emanates from within us, to those around us without worrying about whether or not our love is good enough or if we will receive love in return.
  • Full enough to not need to drown our exquisite, one of a kind beauty with materialistic things or hide behind masks in fear of showing our true selves.
  • Full enough to be, as is, and be ourselves boldly

Because when we aren't searching to fill that void, we aren't in a battle with our soul; instead, we are always home, we are always whole and we are always able to open up through love, and freely flow.


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April Williams is a self love and conscious creation coach, as well as a dreamer, a believer, a mother, a lover, a nature admirer, reality inquirer and hope infused inspirer from Upstate New York. Besides her love for writing she also enjoys time spent amongst nature, helping people rediscover their power within, and dance parties. She is a true visionary who can usually be found weaving whimsical words with visions of vibrant futures for all.

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