Do Something for yourself.

This may be a completely random post, but I want to know what ya'll do for yourselves. 

I have a weakness for massages. I mean, I would get one every single day if I could... but I cant, so I settle for about 6 a year!

I realized a few weeks ago that I still had a gift card for a massage that I had got for my birthday last year.  I got this gift card just right before I had my baby, which means I have gone almost a whole year without taking time for myself to do something nice for myself.  I have snuck away a few times (maybe twice... talk about some roots!) to get my hair colored and a pedicure. 

Even today, I feel a tad guilty about asking someone to watch my baby while I run off to get a massage.  But you know what mommas... we deserve it!!

So tell me, what do you do for yourself?

Do you like to treat yourself to a mani/ pedi?

Maybe a facial or a massage? 


Let me know in the comments what your go to feel good is!