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I was in search of a product that would help make things just a little easier.  I was a new mom trying to juggle this new life as a working mom and wife, I was tired and fluffy.  After a short 6 weeks home with my son I returned to my full time job as a sonographer (Ultrasound Technician) where I am on call 7 days in a row (which makes for a crazy and hectic home life), and you mix that with a newborn and my husbands similar crazy schedule, it equals chaos!

There were many nights we would have corndogs (gross I know), because I would get called right before dinner, or we would get home too late to even attempt cooking.  And some days I was back and forth to work with no time to make something to eat.  So I wanted something I could grab in a hurry in times like this.  I wanted something that would provide me with nutrients while not sacrificing the health of my baby since I made the decision to strictly breastfeed (going 10+ months strong!).  I was wanting to get back into those pre pregnancy pants, but I wanted to do it the right way.

I wanted a product that would fill me up and keep me going without a lot of extras and caffeine.  So I started researching, and the back panel of shakeology really impressed me! One little packet (or scoop) contains 23 vitamins and minerals, 13 of which are essential for proper body function.  Think Flinstones vitamins here people… everyone likes them because they taste good AND they provide you with vitamins and minerals!!  Well let's just say that shakeology is the adult version of Flinstones.  Shakeology has everything… Protiens and amino acids, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, adaptogen herbs, phytonutrients, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes.  Those all may sound foreign to you, but they  help everything from anxiety to digestion, energy and weight loss.  

Let me break down a few of these ingredients for you.  

Proteins and amino acids build and repair muscle, helps with healthy hair, skin and nails, support brain function and immune support as well and keep you full, reduce cravings and regulate your blood sugar.  Whew!

Of course everyone knows that you needs vitamins and minerals.  These little guys help you make energy, repair muscles and strengthen bones, and well.. just keep your cells functioning.  

Antioxidants (that stuff in red wine!) come from a mixture of berries which promote cardiovascular health, protect your body from free radicals and prevent cellular damage. That all sound really cool to me!  PS. Don’t worry you can still drink your red wine!

Phytonutrients might be a new word to you, basically grass…. haha and no one wants to consume grass right! Things like spirulina (algae), spinach, wheatgrass (etc.) are so good for you.  Phytonutrients aid in immune function, healthy aging and detox all without you having to swallow a horse pill full of algae!

Now for us crazy moms running around like chickens with our heads cut off they introduce the adaptogen herbs.  Ginko leaf, maca root and basil leaf (to name a few) help the body cope with environmental stress, increase energy, promote calmness and cognitive function (can I get an AMEN Moms?) all while supporting the immune system, because we all know when mom gets sick it is no good for anyone!

Prebiotics and probiotics work together to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your digestive system. And finally, digestive enzymes to help you breakdown and digest your food.  When you are digesting well, food doesn’t hang around and your metabolism will increase.   

Needless to say I found everything I was looking for.  I found a complete meal in a delicious, easy nutritional shake.  I continue to drink it daily, because I no longer want to go to Sonic daily for a Snickers sonic blast, and it has helped me stay full all while making sure I am consuming enough nutrients to continue to supply my baby boy with everything he need to grow big and strong.  

So what are you waiting for?? Get your sample today!