How the heck did I end up here?


I was three months postpartum and looking for a way to loose my mom pouch,  so i started researching.  I had seen a girl (who is now my fearless leader!) had been posting about this beachbody stuff for a while and how it had changed her life.  So i googled it…. I searched for other meal replacer shakes, (because my goodness $130 a month for a shake!!!),  and everything I found pointed me to shakeology.  “Bang for you buck” is how they put it, and in the horse industry they call this “for sale, not ON SALE!”.  I wasn’t looking for a quick fix pill, drink, patch, wrap, ect.  I was looking for a healthy way to get my abdominal muscles back where they belong and the meal replacer shake was to help keep my diet on track as I knew already I was not going to have much time to myself and it is such a quick HEALTHY meal. As I read the label every ingredient impressed me, and I continue to boast to people about all of the nutrients this one little drink contains.

I had gone back to work as a full time ultrasound technician after a short 6 weeks home with my baby boy.  I was feeling chubby and inadequate for my husband, i was self conscious of my pooch and wanted to get back to where i started.  So i walked the plank and signed up for my first 21 day fix challenge group… i figured hey, if I’m going to spend that kind of money i better make it worth every penny! And it worked!! After my first round of 21 Day fix i had lost 8 pounds and 7.5 inches off of my hips and waist.  But i wasn’t done there… I was hooked.  I signed up to become a coach before my 21 days were even up, and then i started PiYo.

I have always enjoyed yoga, so PiYo seemed to be the perfect match for me.  Here i am 7 months later still loving PiYo and drinking my super shakes every day (or almost every day!).


Stay tuned for more.


P.s. First blog post of my life!